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      Products Name: CY-2A£¨mini type£©15ppm Bilge Alarm
      Measure range£º0£­30ppm
      Accuracy£ºBetter than ¡À5ppm£¨when 15ppm£©
      Display of measurement value£ºLCD screen display
      Alarm indication£º 2 ways red LED
      Working point of alarm£º15 ppm
      Alarm delay 1£º0 second
      Alarm delay 2£º:4 seconds
      Alarm output:2 channels of relay output
      Rated value of alarm relays£º3A, 250VAC, non- inductive
      Output signal£º4£­20mA
      Detection of feedback signal of output of alarm relays£º 2 channels of operation statue contact detection
      Data of alarm data£ºstorage and printing output
      Ambient temperature£º+1¡æ - +55¡æ
      Relative humidity£º¡Ü93%
      Temperature of sample water£º+1¡æ£­+40¡æ
      Pressure of sampling water:0.1-0.6 MPa
      Flow rate of sampling water:0.1- 4L/min
      Power supply:220VAC or DC24V, 50/60Hz
      Power consumption:
      Gernral working situation: 2W
      Print working situation: 7W
      Protection grade:IP45
      Main Dimension:210mm¡Á152mm¡Á45mm
      Weight:2.8 Kg
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