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      Products Name: CP-1106 steering apparatus combination
      As a new generation of organic combination of navigation equipment, CP-1106 series is a combination of small rudder gyro compass, auto-steering, single angle instrument and three rudder angle indicators. The steering is digital control completely, with " self-adaptive ", "automatic", "follow-up", "simplified" and many other controlling methods which also matches with foreign small gyro.

      This product is strictly produced under the standard of the regulation of Automatic-Steering Instrument Technician Conditions of Ship and Testing Guardian of Electric Equipment for Ships and Marine Facilities.

      With the functions of self-adaptive, compass digital interface, VDR digital interface and micro-controlling display panel, which are important functional modules for Bridge system controlling, it provides user a reliable, convenience and friendly panel with decent appearance.

      Main Technical Index
      1. Automatic (self-adaptive) sensitivity 0.03
      2. Dynamic sensitivity 0.5
      3. Automatic (self-adaptive), automatic limit 20
      4. VDR Interface: 0183 (V2.0)
      5. Odometer Interface: Counts per Second (CPS)
      6. Gyrocompass Interface: 0183 (V2.0)
      Currently our company has developed new products CP1106H more functional.
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