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      Products Name: CDQF Electric-Magnetic Ball-Shape Commutated Valve
      CDQF electric-magnetic ball-shape commutated valve is designed for marine electric- hydraulic control system. It can also be used in various engineering machines and industrial electric- hydraulic control system.

      CDQF electric-magnetic ball-shape commutated valve is used in the system. It has advantages of stable performance, strong capability against pollution, fast frequency response and simple structure, good maintainability.

      Main Technical Parameters
      1. System rated pressure: 10MPa
      2.Rated flow 020L/min,(adjustable
      3. Control of oil consumption f0.01L/min
      4. Flow symmetry: 10% of rated flow
      5.Temperature of working media: 1060
      6. Working temperature -2060
      7. Leakage to outside 0
      8. Control voltage 24/60/80/11010%V
      9. Insulation resistance 20M
      10. Dynamic response time: 0.33s
      11. Precision of oil filtration: 20/16 in GB/T14039
      12. Noise: 80db.
      13 Electrify rate: 100%

      Operation Principle
      Structure of electromagnetic ball valve control level is through the controlling of double steer balls by magnetic plug. When Electromagnetic ball-shape valve is under the condition of being controlled in hydraulic pressure system, system pressure oil will push one steer ball to enclose the whole valve, and it shows the condition of zero pressure .In the mean time, due to one side- spring force, spool will lean to the other side, which will make cavity P connect to cavity A , also cavity B connect to cavity R .

      After charging for magnetic plug, those two steer balls appears combination force which will push the second steer ball downwards until airproof , at this moment ,the first steer ball will be push away and leave out an exit where system pressure oil will output pressure ,then valve will be at reversal controlling situation .

      When both sides of electromagnetism ball valve are controlled by magnetic plug, it can be produced as many kinds of Three four-way solenoid ball-shape valve.

      1. Service cycle and reliability of valve is closed connection with oil cleanliness, the user should pay more attention to system oil fluid and keep clean. Before using the system, you should install the oil of washing sheet (48H).
      2. Please install ball valve according to the diagramed instruction of interface
      3. Any failure of the machine should be return back to factory for maintenance.
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