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      Products Name: BDY9-D Electric Hydraulic Control Actuator
      BDY9-D Electric Hydraulic Control Actuator is a kind of new automatic control actuator which researched and developed by JIP and Beijing Design Institute of SINOPEC. It is an updated product for BDY9-G electric hydraulic control actuator.

      This control system is manufactured as an explosion separated equipment according to national standard GB3836.2-83 Explosion separated electric apparatus of explosion proof electric apparatus ¡°d¡± used in explosion environment. Its explosion proof mark is d¢òBT4. The actuator can be used in the sites in petrochemical enterprises with the existence of Class IIB T1-T4 explosive mixture air. All the explosion separating devices have been approved by authorized organizations in China.¡£

      The control actuator receives a 4-20 mADC Instruction input signal from control room and via a position control system consisting of servo amplifier, servo valve and high accuracy displacement transducer controls movement of piston bar of a servo cylinder according to the Instruction input. In this way, the displacement of the piston bar is proportional to the input signal.¡£

      The key element used in the system for electric-hydraulic conversion and control is the CSDY jet tube electric-hydraulic servo valve which is produced by our factory. Characteristics of the valve are high resolution, strong capability against oil pollution and long working period is 1.5 times longer than ordinary servo valve. Due to these, the actuator has advantages of high control accuracy, large thrust, precise positioning, fast response and long life. The actuator works reliably in operation, it is an ideal product for oil refinery and can also be used as an electric-hydraulic control actuator in chemical, metallurgy industry and other fields.

      Main Technical Index
      1. Utility Power: Three phase, 380V,50HZ£¬rated power 2.2KW
      2.Power supply for instrument: single phase 220V¡¢50HZ UPS£¬Rated power
      3. Alarm contact singles: self lock, synthesized alarm with a pair of passive, normally open contacts. Capacity of the contact single is DC24V, 1A
      4. Contact signals of operation states
      ¡¤Indication of on site operation:£¨active£©
      ¡¤Operation instruction in instrument room:£¨active£©
      ¡¤Indication for self-hold running£º£¨active£©
      5.Operational stroke of servo hydro-cylinder£º64mm£¬100mm£¬250mm£¬400mm£¬550mm£¬700mm£¬850mm£¬1000mm£¨According to the requirement from customers£©
      6. System operation pressure£º9MPa
      7.Normal operational thrust£ºOperational stroke¡Ü550mm£¬45000N£¬Operational stroke£¾550mm,88000N
      8.Maximum thrust: Operational stroke ¡Ü550mm£¬70000N£¬Operational stroke £¾550mm,110000N
      9.Operation speed during self- holding£º£¨ full open or full close)£¾100mm/S
      10.Speed during full displacement range£º¡Ý40mm/S
      11. Precision of position control£ºOperational stroke¡Ü550mm, is 1/600£¬Operational stroke£¾550mm is 1/300
      12. Resolution: 1/600
      13.Input signal£º4¡«20mA
      14. Output signal of valve position£º4¡«20mA
      15.Working liquid£ºN32 low-freezing hydraulic oil. N46 anti abrasion hydraulic oil can be used in tropic area.
      16. Cleanness degree of hydraulic oil: Class 7 NAS.
      17. Filtration precision of hydraulic system: 5um
      18.Normal operation oil temperature: 20¡æ¡«60¡æ
      19. Alarm for low system pressure: 5.5MPa
      20. Alarm for low pressure of spare accumulators: 7MPa
      21. Critical point of Filter pressure low alarm: 0.45MPa
      22. Alarm for high temperature of hydraulic oil: 65¡æ
      23.Alarm liquid level: 0mm¡«20mm

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