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      Products Name: YY-N Multi Hydraulic Pressure Controlling Station
      YY-N multi hydraulic pressure controlling station adopts oil source machine set to control multi hydro-cylinder for loading work. Under unchanging high pressure of major system, this station could adjust pressure control according to different requirement of thrust to close valve, otherwise ensure to have enough pulling to open the valve.

      The station can be set as manual control or electric control according to the requirements of customers. The system is mainly used in clogging valve and gate valve in oil refinery. Also can be used in other 2 position-control hydraulic system.

      Main specifications:
      1.System rated pressure: 14MPa£¬operation pressure 9MPa
      2. Pressure for electric system of closing the valve: 2¡«6MPa
      3. Maximum pulling force of opening the valve: 154000N
      4.System operation speed£º0¡«40mm/s
      5.Power supply 3-phase for motor£º380V¡¢50Hz¡¢1..5KW

      Application Environment
      1. Environment temperature: -20¡æ+55¡æ
      2. Suitable for class 2 of Area 2 IIB, mark of explosion proof dIIBT4 for
      3. Suitable for land area
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