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      Products Name: BCJI Small Feeder
      BCJI Small Feeder is BCJI Small Auto Feeder for catalyst which is developed and designed by our factory and Beijing SINOPEC Design Institute and it is used for timing, quantitative determination, automatic catalyst feeding of catalyzing and cracking equipment.

      The feeder adopts PLC to control system. Precise pneumatic weighing technology is used in the system, net weight of 0¡«50Kg can be weighted at condition of gross weight of 300 Kg. Positive pressure explosion proof technology is used in design of instrument case. The feeder works stably and reliably. It is also easy and safe to operate. The weighing system works accurately and can display weight and accumulated weight on spot. The feeder can also send total weight and operation state to main control room. Application of the feeder in catalyzing and cracking unit can increase operation stability of the catalyzing and cracking unit, reduce labor intensity of workers and reduce consumption of catalyst. Therefore increase economic efficiency of the unit.

      Technical parameters
      1. Design pressure 0.8Mpa
      2 Design temperature : -15¡«65¡æ
      3. Volume of vulcanizing boiler: 0.07m(effective)
      4.Wind pressure for vulcanization 0.45¡«0.6Mpa
      5.Quantity of feeder ¡Ü50kg/time£¨Adjustable£©
      6. Transmission distance: Vertical ¡Ü 28m Horizontal¡Ü 24m
      7. Wind pressure of instrument 0.4Mpa
      8.Feeding period 1¡«9999 seconds£¨can be adjusted continually£©
      9. Weighing error ¡Ü1%
      10. Explosive-proof grade dIIBT4
      11. Power supply for instrument AC220V
      12. Power supply for electromagnetic valve DC24V
      13. Air consumption for vulcanization and instrument ¡«4Nm /min
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