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快乐赛车 1. OLED display128×64

2. Measuringrange 174-900HL

3. Highaccuracy and repeatability 0.5% at 800HL

4. Conformto ASTM A 956

5. OptionalBluetooth printer

6. ImpactDevice D is in standard delivery, optional Impact Device C, DL or G fordifferent application

7. 360° full angle measurement and automatic impact directionrecognition

8. Based onHL value, conversion to HRB, HRC, HV, HB and HS is available

9. Memoryof 2,000 average readings in 10 files, data transfer without software

10. Multi-languages and Multi-national hardness standards

+Technical Specification
+Standard Delivery

1.  Main Unit with integrated Impact D, C, DL or G
2.  Certified Test block with HLD-value
3.  Cable
4.  Cleaning brush
5.  Small supporting ring
6.  Calibration Certificate
7.  AC adapter / charger
8.  User manual

9.  Carrying case

+Optional Accessories

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