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1.   Pocket size, easy to operate
2.   Auto Probe Zero Calibration
3.   Auto Probe identify
4.   Measuring range: 0.65-400mm 
5.   Suitable for various materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, polystyrene, polyethylene
6.   Auto/Manual gain adjustable
7.   USB output
8.   Standard 5.0MHz probe included, optional probe: 75MHz, 2.0MHz, 5.0MHz high temperature, 10MHz 
9.   9 material velocities are stored for selection or input the new velocity
10.  Display resolution 0.1mm/0.01mm
11.  Memory of 5000 readings with location number(DC-2020C)
+Technical Specification

快乐赛车  DC-2000C


Display: 128 x 64 with backlight 

Measuring Range:0.65-400mm(depends on probe-material combination

Velocity Rate: 1000 – 9999m/s, 9 material velocities are stored for selection, or input the new velocity manually

Resolution: 0.1mm/ 0.01mm selectable

Measuring units: mm/inch

Material work piece: Glass, Glass Bottle, Polystyrene,  Polyethylene, Steel, Alloy steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum etc.

Accuracy: ±0.04mm(when thickness<9.99mm)

         ±(0.1% thickness+0.04)mm (when thickness =10~99.9mm)

         ±0.3% thickness mm (when thickness>100mm)

Average mode: 2~9 times average measurement

- -

Limit setting: with Low-High indication and alarm

- -

Memory: 5000 readings with location number

- -

Memory: 5000 readings with location number

- -

Data output: USB to PC

Temperature of work piece surface: -15 to +350

Power supply: 2 Pcs AAA dry cell, work 48 Hours continuously (without backlight)

Dimensions and weight : 115 x 64 x 27mm, 220g including batteries

+Standard Delivery

1.   Main Unit
2.   Standard 5MHZ probe D5008
3.   Built-in calibration Block 4mm
4.   Couplant 75Ml
5.   Calibration Certificate
6.   User Manual
7.   Software + Cable(DC-2020C)
8.   Carrying Case

+Optional Accessories

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