• Company Culture

    Patriotism and professional dedication, solidarity and dedication, forging ahead in a pioneering spirit, pragmatic effort and superb efficiency.

    Giving priority to quality, providing the best products to meet the demands of customers

    Honesty, friendship, cooperation and win-win situation
    Company LOGO
    Interpretation: from the word evolved, resembling the ship's anchor, anchor, meaning the sail and upwards. Blue is the standard color, blue is the color of the sea, the sky, it symbolizes the profound and infinite, but also a symbol of science and technology, to the people with Gao Jie, calm, atmosphere, enterprising, sense of reason.
    Security knowledge contest
    Military and civilian party
    Weapons group chief expert Feng Yibai chief designer to the company
    Home of Party members
    Party branch mountaineering activities
    Workers Vanguard
    Company staff Qingming sweep martyrs
    The company held a badminton match
    The company published a "briefing"
    Company annual meeting
    Company year will dance nine small apple
    The company donated money to the earthquake stricken area
    Chief of the Navy
    Sea Wu Fangchun inspection company
    Li Qianming will visit the company
    Qing "71" football match
    New members to join the party oath
    Academician Xu Deming to guide the work of the company
    Excellent employee You Shibo
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